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Sclerotherapy is very safe and is the best treatment for spider and reticular surface veins.

It involves injection of the surface veins by a very fine needle with a solution causing irritation of the vein wall. This leads to the vein wall to swell and seal closed.  The vein then shrinks and fades away. Sometimes more than one session of sclerotherapy is needed.

Side effects

Side effects are rare but may include skin irritation and reddening or browning around the area, skin breakdown, or the matting of very small veins. All of these generally resolve spontaneously but may take up to 12 months if they do occur. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can occur very rarely.

Spider veins tend to recur over time and may do so in treated areas as well as new areas. Larger veins tend to do poorly with sclerotherapy injections and are at higher risk of permanent skin staining, DVT and have a high rate or recurrence if treated by this means alone.

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